BSides Buffalo, Coming 2022

We are excited to announce that the first BSides conference here in Buffalo will be coming to Canisius College on June 4, 2022!

What is a BSides Conference?
The first BSides conference, BSides Las Vegas, was held in 2009. Since then, BSides has become a framework for a loosely affiliated group of information security conferences all over the world. It’s a place for people who are interested in or curious about technology and hacking to get together, make connections, share information, and make our local community stronger.

More information is available on the official Security BSides web page.

How can I get involved?
A good first step would be to follow us on Twitter for news and updates. DMs are open — feel free to reach out and say you want to help. Or, if you prefer, email info[at] and it will go straight to the event planning team. This is a volunteer effort, we’ll certainly find something for you to do. And watch this space! Updates will be posted here for things like the Call For Papers (CFP) or ticket sales.